Aaron Harris

Acid Boyz

Amber Koe

Automatic Dance Club

Ben Sommers

Billy Joe Phoenix


Brian Corcoran

Danny Mugavero

Gordon Wallin

Johnny B

Jre Riley

Laura McDonald

Leo Charles

Leslie Cramer

Linda Soppet

Makki Skye

Marc Berger

Mark Archambault

Metro Star Orchestra

Mhax Faktour featuring Amber Koe

Michael Toledo

Mike Lahart

Philip Sheaff


Ruby Harris

Sandy Redd

Splash Pets

Uncle Sam’s Sister


The Artists on DIGITAL BOX RECORDS from varied backgrounds create and perform in a wide variety of musical styles. Talent on the DIGITAL BOX RECORDS label represent a diverse spectrum of music and creativity, presenting eclectic, mainstream and avant garde, radio friendly rock and pop, off-the-wall film and video soundtracks plus Rock, Dance, Pop, Jazz, Ambient, R&B, Folk, Orchestral, Opera, Blues, Americana and beyond. As an independent label, we invite audience communication and your thoughts about our Artists. To communicate with us please use the CONTACT US link.  Remember to include your email address if you wish to receive a reply.